Ingeniería Integral S.A.

IITTSA INGENIERIA INTEGRAL S.A. is a company borne out of the initiative of several professionals with the objective of combining their talents and prior experience in order to constitute a company that is today a leader in providing engineering, architecture, construction, maintenance, and consulting services in all their dimensions and the generation of value for the company, thus significantly contributing to the development of Ecuador. 

The success of IITTSA INGENIERIA INTEGRAL S.A. is thanks to the quality of its service reflected in the effectiveness of its completed projects and customer satisfaction. 

The 3 fundamental pillars which constitute its most valuable assets are: experience and know-how acquired in all its projects, technical resources, their own materials, and, most importantly, qualified personnel. 

This has allowed it to consolidate as company that is experienced, an expert in the field, solid, financially sound, and with sustained growth.

IITTSA INGENIERIA INTEGRAL S.A. is today recognized for its professional service, agility, and flexibility. It has achieved a reputation for carrying out quality projects that are positively evaluated by our clients, mainly public and private companies. 

It is important to mention the respect that IITTSA INGENIERIA INTEGRAL S.A. has for the environment by adopting prevention and mitigation measures from the beginning to the end of the project. We are a company that mostly does Evaluation Studies, Civil and Architectural Infrastructure Construction Work and Planning.

The company is registered in the public and private bidding directory and has facilities in Quito and Guayaquil. 


What makes IITTSA a reliable and consolidated company in the market


Be leaders in constructive solutions

Provide the domestic and international market with innovative and responsible engineering and construction services via the implementation of effective quality management systems, both in terms of technology and human factors. Be capable of offering total customer satisfaction. Be committed to the preservation of and respect for the environment and society, thus generating productivity and jobs, and contributing to the wellbeing of our employees, thereby assisting in the country’s growth. 


“Commitment made; commitment accomplished.”

Commitment made; commitment accomplished. Be a leading business recognized for its most representative characteristics: professionalism, ethical behavior, a continuous quality improvement policy, a solid financial position, and its fundamental premise:




Personal protective equipment or individual protection equipment is mandatory for all persons entering a construction site, without exception.

At a minimum, to enter a construction site, a person should wear steel-toed, slip-resistant safety boots, a hard hat, and a reflective or identification vest.

A study or matrix should be used to determine what personal protection equipment will be given to each worker upon hiring, explaining the importance of its use, maintenance and care, so that it does not lose its properties before its useful life.

It is also essential to keep a record of the delivery of personal protective equipment on site. This record must also include the date of replacement according to the manufacturer’s specification and what it says on the label or remarking of the equipment.

It is the obligation of every worker and person entering the construction site to use personal protective equipment; if he/she does not have it, he/she cannot enter the site.


We firmly believe that work helps develop the human being. With this principle, we are oriented by the following values: 

  • Discipline
  • Professional environmental ambiental y social.
  • Honor and transparency, 
  • Constant Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Proactivity
  • Perseverance
  • Commitment
  • Adaptability to change.