IITTSA INGENIERÍA INTEGRAL S.A. dedicated to the planning and construction of civil works in general, recognizes the importance of occupational risk prevention management.

To this end, the following responsibilities are established:

  • Designate those responsible, material and human resources to carry out the management in occupational risk prevention.
  • Identify, evaluate and control occupational risks, giving priority to collective control over individual control.
  • Encourage the creation of a culture of occupational risk prevention through continuous information, training and education of workers on the occupational risks to which they are exposed.
  • Promote occupational risk prevention training for workers, contractors, suppliers and all those who provide services, thus guaranteeing safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Comply with current legislation on occupational risk prevention.
  • Continuously improve the management of occupational risk prevention.


IITTSA INGENIERÍA INTEGRAL S.A. is inspired by the commitment to comply with all regulations and other applicable environmental requirements in the continuous improvement of activities related to environmental protection and health prevention in terms of:

  • Risk prevention for both the environment and people’s health.
  • Reduction and control of emissions.
  • Optimization of environmental resource management.

We are involved in the environmental management of our clients, collaborating with them in the prevention of pollution, environmental protection and prevention in both the Environmental and Environmental Health fields.

Likewise, IITTSA periodically sets environmental objectives along the following lines:

  • Prioritize treatments for waste management (valuation and recycling, whenever possible).
  • To transparently inform our environment (customers, suppliers and public administrations) as much information as may be required regarding the type of management carried out in order to favor the traceability of waste.
  • Disseminate the environmental policy among our own staff and external stakeholders.
  • To train and raise awareness among the people of the organization and those who work on its behalf about the environmental aspects that their activity may generate, making them participants in the control of these aspects and the environmental performance of all the company’s activities.