Hydro-Sanitary Engineering

Construction, design, and maintenance of residual water treatment plants, including structures for returning adequately treated water back to the environment, in addition to comprehensive solid waste management systems. Hydro-sanitary systems (potable water, fire-suppression networks, drainage, and ventilation systems. 

Civil Engineering

Design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure, including highways, bridges, canals, dikes, etc. 

Structural Engineering

Design, calculation, construction, and maintenance of structures in conventional and mixed system components such as buildings, bridges, walls (including retaining walls), dams, tunnels, and other civil works to thus create safe, strong, and functional structures. 

Mechanical Engineering

Design, maintenance, and construction of industrial process engineering systems. Optimization of manufacturing operations with cutting-edge technology, including electromagnetic mechanical elements and automation circuits, development plans, and industrial plant and service maintenance program control. 

Hydraulic Engineering

Construction, design, and maintenance of dams, sluice gates, irrigation system canals, drainage systems, potable water supply, wells, and capture and storage distribution networks.